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article / Pronto Xi Customer Spotlight: How Mitchell Services Transformed with ERP and Analytics

Pronto Xi Customer Spotlight: How Mitchell Services Transformed with ERP and Analytics

Released Date

30 August 2023



The world of exploration, mining, and energy is a dynamic realm where demands shift with market trends. Adaptability and innovation take center stage in this landscape. Mitchell Services Limited, an Australian company specializing in both underground and surface drilling services, exemplifies these principles. With a history dating back to 1969, Mitchell Services has grown into a diverse business, serving renowned clients such as BHP, Evolution Mining, South 32, Anglo-American, Peabody Energy, and Glencore. Amid its impressive portfolio, the company encountered operational challenges as it embarked on an ambitious journey of growth and transformation.

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Navigating Growth Challenges

In 2014, Mitchell Services operated with only 8 rigs, employing around 80 individuals, and generating a turnover of AUD 15 million. However, the company's expansion by 2018 to an operating rig count of 45 rigs, a workforce exceeding 350 employees, and a fivefold increase in turnover to over $72 million necessitated operational enhancements. Rapid growth placed unprecedented demands on the existing stand-alone systems, leading to inefficiencies due to manual processes, data duplication, and an overabundance of spreadsheets.

Pronto Xi ERP Solution

Mitchell Services recognized the need for an integrated ERP system to streamline its operations and enhance efficiency. Pronto Software emerged as a solution, with its Pronto Xi ERP software designed to optimize business processes and deliver actionable insights. What set Pronto Software apart was the team's confidence and commitment demonstrated during a two-day pre-sales workshop, accurately mapping out the project scope and action plan. Pronto Xi's functionalities, particularly in payroll and integration, aligned seamlessly with Mitchell Services' requirements.

Michelle Pyers, Group Financial Controller, stressed the importance of Pronto Software's Implementation Methodology in maintaining the project within budget and timeline parameters. The adoption of Pronto Cloud's hosted solution ensured scalability and mobility for the remote workforce, catering to the geographic diversity of operations.

Driving Efficiency and Transformation

The implementation of Pronto Xi yielded remarkable benefits for Mitchell Services. Electronic workflows significantly reduced paper consumption, a valuable advantage for a business with dispersed operations. Processes that once took days were now completed in hours, marking a significant improvement in efficiency. Ms. Pyers highlighted the impact on payroll processing, stating, "With Pronto Xi, we can process payroll for over double the number of employees in the same, if not less, time than before." Additionally, the company tripled the processing of complex sales orders, leading to enhanced data accuracy and improved decision-making. Pronto Xi's Project Costing application emerged as a valuable tool for tracking purchases across the supply chain and adhering to budgeted levels. Asset compliance, pre-starts, and defect reports were streamlined, with the number of monthly pre-starts increasing threefold. 

Future Prospects and Conclusion

The success of Pronto Xi's implementation at Mitchell Services was evident during the acquisition of another drilling business, which was seamlessly integrated. The transformative journey that Mitchell Services undertook, hand in hand with Pronto Software, stands as a model for businesses seeking innovation to thrive in dynamic sectors. Looking ahead, Greg Switala expressed eagerness to further leverage Pronto Xi's capabilities to enhance return on investment. Mitchell Services' journey, from small-scale operation to industry leader, exemplifies the positive impact of ERP solutions in driving success in exploration, mining, and energy sectors. As Mitchell Services continues to evolve, it serves as a beacon of the potential of technology to drive efficiency and growth. In conclusion, Mitchell Services Limited's evolution showcases the transformative power of strategic technology adoption. Pronto Xi's integrated capabilities enabled Mitchell Services to overcome operational challenges and achieve unprecedented efficiency gains. As a model for businesses seeking innovation, Mitchell Services demonstrates the positive impact of ERP solutions in driving success in dynamic industries such as exploration, mining, and energy.

Source: Mitchell Services – Unearthing increased performance to support growth

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