Implement Sales Force Automation (SFA) to Increase Sales

Automation of this sales system is often referred to as Sales Force Automation (SFA). Basically, SFA is a system that can simplify business processes and tasks that are usually carried out by the sales team. Its goal is to make business processes more efficient and the sales team can focus on making sales.

In almost all businesses, sales are the spearhead of the company’s growth rate. It is not surprising that this profession is always highly paid, even though the challenges that accompany it are also high. Although the main task is to generate turnover, actually every salesperson has a different character depending on the type of company business. In the distribution business, the sales force is often referred to as the sales force. They are the ones who are in the field, opening up market opportunities, monitoring the absorption of products to arranging the delivery of goods to wholesalers and retailers. The complexity of the salesforce task makes every company required to build a system that can automate all the functions in it.

The following are some of the functions that SFA can automate :

    1. Order and purchase process
    2. Tracking the whole sales process
    3. Monitoring the location and presence of sales with GPS
    4. KPI salesforce
    5. Reporting and analytics.

Then, what exactly is the SFA detail function?

  1. Make sales management more efficient

As explained earlier, selling is a complex process. Sales are not only the process of handing over the goods and then a transaction occurs, but more than that, there are many processes that accompany it to arrive at the transaction.

For example, a salesperson must know with certainty his target market, know the distribution area of ​​his products to know the character of his customers. Another tough task is that each salesforce is required to make periodic reports, which are often still found to be done manually. It is undeniable, the complexity of these processes actually ends up consuming more time than the core task of a salesperson, namely increasing turnover.

SFA makes almost all of the above processes digitized and integrated with other functions in the business. Ultimately, SFA will ease the work of the salesforce and allow them to focus on their primary work of expanding the market and acquiring new customers.

  1. Simplify the Upselling and Cross-Selling process

Through the sales data contained in the system, SFA can assist marketing processes including up-selling and cross-selling. Both of these activities are basically part of a promotion or marketing gimmick. With SFA, the sales team can decide which products can be given an upselling program and which ones can be cross-selling.

The goal, of course, will increase the number of products absorbed in the market and ultimately provide new income for the company.

  1. Save operational time

One of the benefits that can be obtained from Sales Force Automation (SFA) is that it can save time, costs, and sales team personnel. If it used to take a long time to present customer data reports, record daily visit reports, and other administrative activities, with Sales Force Automation (SFA) you can present data in real-time and can be accessed via your smartphone anywhere.

In addition, SFA will reduce errors in data input for sales tasks that used to be done manually and took a long time. This means that with SFA, sales staff can more easily update the data anytime and anywhere because it is cloud-based.

  1. Improve service and build relationships with customers

This SFA application is designed to assist the marketing department in attracting and retaining customers, account management, and most importantly to provide profit from sales. In addition, SFA also helps managers both in activities that are directly related to customers and internal company activities that are always struggling to meet customer demands.

With optimal service, a good relationship is formed between the customer and the salesperson.

Sales Force Automation

4 Reasons FMCG Companies Need SFA (Sales Force Automation)

In any business, customer service is an absolute must. Moreover, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business goes directly to individual targets. Service determines satisfaction and ultimately satisfaction fosters trust. How to build all that? The answer is an integrated strategy from production to sales, including how to handle and manage salespeople who deal with large, small, and other retailers on a daily basis. In the world of distribution known as Sales Force Automation (SFA) which is a system that automates and integrates all sales activities through a single software. PT Prathesis as one of the experienced distribution application developers supports the performance of the sales team through the development of Sales Force Automation (SFA) for sales targets. SFA will simplify the process of automating business functions such as sales processes, tracking customer interactions, and analyzing sales forecasts and performance to increase revenue and customer service.

In general, SFA contains three components, namely:

  • Contact management: Update contact list, share, make appointments, track tasks, manage time to create to-do lists.
  • Pipeline Management: Store all information about the sales cycle such as managing leads, forecasting sales, estimating potential to identifying prospects.
  • Sales Management: Associated with sales management reporting to an integrated system.

There are several things that make your FMCG company need an SFA, namely:

  1. Sales Team Becomes More Focused

By using SFA, the sales team will focus more on sales targets. In the field, they are not just selling products and providing services to customers. Furthermore, the sales team has already occupied a position above that, namely as a consultant for the product he brought. They are likened to the “face of the company” who understand their products more than retailers and consumers. With SFA, a lot of work is simplified, reports are real-time so it’s easier for the center to monitor the work of the sales team.

  1. SFA Helps Increase Sales

SFA makes all salesman activities more measurable. A more professional sales teamwork system will improve performance and ultimately increase productivity.

  1. More Efficient Sales Process

In systems that are still manual, more than half of the time and personnel of the sales team is spent on non-sales or administrative tasks. If this automation is not built, service to customers will be hampered which can affect sales. The use of SFA software will make the sales team more focused on their core task of increasing sales. The proportion of administrative work is reduced so the team can help think about what other strategies should be developed.

  1. Simplify Workflow

The use of SFA software will cut the sales team workflow process. The workflow becomes easier, so it is more focused. All teams will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. In the end, FMCG companies can go fast.

SFA software is absolutely necessary for FMCG companies. The use of this software is very helpful for the operations of the sales team. So, to improve your company’s performance, it’s time to use SFA software.