Route Optimization, An Essential Strategy In FMCG Product Distribution.

Route optimization is one of the essential strategies in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). If the route optimization happened to be performing correctly, it can raise the sales more optimal.

It has become a common thing if each FMCG company is looking for strategies toward decreasing Salesperson operational expenses. Nonetheless, the companies are still required to develop face-to-face intensity with the store owner or whoever is in charge. A sufficient number of communication intensity befitting one affecting indicator for leveraging store morale as a final distributor to selling principal commodities.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of principal and distributor that hasn’t been yet discovered the efficient route run by the Salesperson. Even though if the distances, time, and other measure variants get optimized, the Salesperson can reach the store target according to the visit order as planned.

Within this digitalization era nowadays, route optimization is one of the apparatuses for business owners and distributors to increase their business growth. By optimizing the route, perks attained for business were :
● Ease to locate the most efficient dan cost-saving route for the Salesperson
● Lessen the time allocated for mapping any Salesperson route.
● Ensure Salesperson visits each store according to the visit order, within the most efficient time, utilizing the least cost spent.

Despite the aforementioned optimization route process looking simple, the fact is numerous methods and strategies are involved in the way. Several distributors tried to optimize the route manually. But it’s not yet maximal, because it depends on efficiency, scalability, accuracy, and Salesperson productivity.