Pronto Xi 770 Delivers More Integrated and Responsive ERP Solutions

Making business decisions using a manual system, of course, is not effective and takes a long time. One of the business solutions in the big data era is to apply the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) program to company management such as Pronto Xi from Pronto Software.

After inserting several advantages in the previous series such as breadth product, depth of functionality, proven, robust, and scalable. The pioneer of the ERP system Pronto Software is back with new innovations and a stronger roadmap, namely Pronto Xi 770.

User experience is the basis of productivity and user satisfaction of software applications. Through the latest web interface, Pronto Xi 770 is built to provide the best user experience.

Apart from the enhanced web interface, Pronto Software has also created a stronger technological foundation to deliver scalability, resiliency, rich capabilities and ease of maintenance across all Pronto Xi products.

This new roadmap adds enhancements to support the ever-expanding suite of Pronto Xi applications. Here are some updates to Pronto Xi 770 for a more integrated and responsive ERP solution experience:

Enhanced menu
The Pronto Xi menu has been redesigned, providing a better user experience. With added consistency, it improves the intuitiveness and speed of navigation.

More responsive web interface
Pronto Xi modules such as CRM have been redesigned to be fully responsive. This change will make it easier to use Pronto Xi on all devices, from smartphones to desktops.

Enhanced Experience with new User Interface
Most Pronto Xi applications will move to a responsive user interface. New User Interface (UI) elements and screen templates will further simplify the product experience, increase responsiveness and personalization.

Improved landing page
Allows users to get started faster with a role based workspace. Users can add available widgets from the library and display streaming information in real time.

Build Scalability with Containerisation
Containerization allows Pronto Xi software components to be deployed automatically and without interruption. These updates are useful for implementing new features, bug fixes, and security updates on a regular basis.

Fulfillment of Scalability on Performance System
To meet the needs of customers from small companies to large companies, the Pronto Xi 770 also makes updates to the Performance System. Pronto Software continues to invest in the performance and scalability of Runtimes, APIs, and Web Servers.

To suit the Indonesian market, the Pronto Xi 770 solution has been localized, and works with the support of a local provider, PT Prathesis. To provide a total domino effect solution for your business, find out more information about Pronto Xi 770 with PT Pratesis.

About Pronto Software
Pronto Software is a leading global provider of ERP systems from Australia, with more than 30 years of experience. Currently, Pronto Software has more than 1200 customers worldwide. Pronto Software has been used in 26 countries. In fact, Pronto Software already has local partners in a number of countries. Among others, in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, and since July 2010 in Indonesia with PT Pratesis.

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