Strategy for Optimizing Online Orders

Time has shifted to the digital age, without the need to leave the house, people can Online Order everything they need and even make money from their bedrooms. Especially during this pandemic, the use of digital devices is increasing, human mobility which must be reduced on a large scale seems no longer a barrier because there are more practical and efficient ways to obtain various goods and or services.

Sales in several marketplaces have increased many times during the pandemic. All because people’s habits are now moving, from shopping offline to shopping online.

As a company owner, you certainly have to adapt to these conditions. You already have to be technology literate to be able to play in the excitement of the digital market.

One of the things you should do is open an online ordering line. For this, it is necessary to develop an appropriate online order strategy, so that the product is quickly accepted by consumers. Here are strategies you can take to increase your business through online ordering:

    • Prepare the Door

The door in question is where customers can order your products. The door can be a website, social media, or a marketplace. Don’t hesitate to make a website because it can be the main foundation so that sales are wider, growing, and known to the public of course. If in the real world you have a physical store and employees who look after it, then in the virtual world the website is your ‘store’ and the admin is the one who maintains and serves the purchases. The website should always be online 24 hours, quickly accessed, anti-complicated club, and safe in transactions.

    • Use Professional Themes and Get Subscribers from Organic Traffic

Like a shop, the website must also have an eye-catching appearance and use a professional theme. It is undeniable, the first appearance is able to influence potential consumers.

Furthermore, the website applies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques so that it is search engine friendly and easy to find in Google search results.

    • Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

You are already familiar with the word content, right? Content can be the main attraction, especially on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Create content that has useful value, relates to the times, is relevant, interesting, and builds communication (audience).

This content marketing strategy allows you to get high traffic and become a selling point. The information conveyed can be in the form of products, materials used, tips, unique facts, and benefits packages in the form of narrative articles, pictures, and videos.

    • Understanding Consumer Needs Through Promotions and Discounts

Who says promos and discounts can only be obtained when shopping offline? Today’s online shopping lovers also want these two interesting things. Believe it or not, when these two magic words are used, consumers also feel interested in shopping even though they are not really needed. For example, giving a gift of bath soap for every purchase of at least 3 bottles of shampoo. In order to understand more deeply, the producer or company can conduct a simple survey or poll.

    • Maximizing the Power of Personal Branding

Finally, one of the online order strategies to increase business is to maximize the power of personal branding. Personal branding serves to promote themselves and their achievements and increase credibility, expand connections, and increase consumer confidence.

Then, how? You need to display a company image according to your portfolio, strengthen your website, maximize social media, and have a reliable marketing strategy. If needed, network and collaborate with influencers, celebrities, or bloggers.

Those are some online ordering strategies to increase business that you can try to implement. One thing is for sure, the success of an online business starts from the company’s readiness to face the changes and advancements of the digital-based era.

The Need to Build an Online Ordering System

It is no longer the time for all business transactions to be carried out directly. In the last decade, almost all businesses from B2B to B2C have entered the digital world (Online Ordering System) as the most crucial part of sales and various other transactions. Mobile devices have also become the main tool of today’s transactions. Especially in the past year, during the pandemic, health protocols have become our new focus. Technology is now a keyword in the success of various business activities today, including the distribution business.

The demand for the use of technology has now become an absolute thing that must be mastered by almost every company. When physical meetings were limited due to the ongoing pandemic, online sales and e-commerce platforms actually reaped a significant increase. With sales transactions through the internet network, orders can be made directly by consumers because information about detailed product info is already listed on the product catalog page. Bargaining processes such as conventional transactions can also be minimized so that transactions become more efficient. In addition, from the seller’s point of view, the recording process will be easier because it is done automatically and monitoring of sales progress can also be monitored.

The most important thing with building an online ordering system is to encourage the growth of new opportunities. Why is that? First, the Indonesian population is spread across various islands, is a very large market share, the existence of an online ordering system makes it easier for companies to reach a wider market. Second, the existence of an online ordering method will help companies increase brand awareness because product information is easy to obtain. Third, online ordering makes the store seem “no need to close”. Consumers can place orders anywhere and anytime.

Orlin from Pratesis

Seeing the existing conditions and opportunities, Prathesis created a B2B solution platform named ORLIN as a digital-based ordering system that provides many benefits for customers, distributors, and principals, and indirectly benefits the health of the wider community.

This pandemic has changed the behavior of stores which ultimately requires a digitally connected store network in order to continue to grow in the midst of this difficult time. For example, the company’s sales staff visit the store to be hampered due to restrictions that occurred in some areas and cases of out of stock in several locations due to these restrictions.

What are the advantages of implementing Orlin?

  1. Distributors can freely expand their business reach, without area and distance boundaries so that it is easier to open up the market by attracting new customers.
  2. Simplify ordering goods while reducing interaction between sales and product orders in the field.
  3. Digital technology that will facilitate, secure, and encourage business growth.
  4. Utilizing technological advances to improve services, providing convenience in the speed of ordering products 7×24 hours, with all existing devices.
  5. Speed ​​up product orders through the application, directly connecting customers and distributors