Pronto Case Study: Gasweld Tool Centre

Australia’s largest specialist gas, welding and tools supplier and retailer, Gasweld Tool Centre, needed a solution that would streamline its operational processes, cut down on the highly intensive manual time that was grinding down resources, while empowering staff with the right tools and information to be more efficient and productive, and foster profitable business expansion through better decision making.

In 2004, Gasweld made the decision to modernise its information systems, seeking to gain big improvements in its operational efficiencies by automating its reporting and streamlining many manual processes.

Determined to choose the most suitable solution for the business, Gasweld’s General Manager, Brent Dunning, critically researched various business management solutions. Following a detailed evaluation of multiple platforms, it was Pronto Software that ticked all the boxes.

“We were after a solution that integrated all aspects of our operations and had the ability to support the delivery of our imported goods, which is a core component of our business,” said Dunning. “We really struggled to stump Pronto on anything! Their team have a lot of business experience in our sector and they know how to listen, so they really understood our requirements.” Gasweld implemented Pronto’s flagship business management software product, Pronto Xi, across its business.

This included a variety of Pronto Xi modules including Financials, Point of Sale, Manufacturing and Warehouse Management, as well as its ecommerce tool, Avenue. According to Dunning, Pronto Xi has given the company’s management team clear and valuable visibility into all corners of its business, enabling fast, informed and smarter decision making.

“We now have access to key transactional information at our fingertips almost on a minute by minute basis, so we know the position of the business at any given time, no matter our location.” Gasweld’s warehouse operations and inventory processes have significantly enhanced since the company’s integration of Pronto Xi, with inventory growing to 150,000 core products with over 300,000 available on the Pronto database.

“Previously, we picked stock manually with no clear stock identification as far as location goes. Being able to find stock has now become a simple and rapid process for warehouse staff since introducing Pronto. It now takes only two days for a new staff member to become productive compared to the six months it used to take. Pronto is so stable and solid, it doesn’t fall over,” continued Dunning.

Gasweld Tool Centre: Constructing a more efficient company

As an expanding business with growth year-on-year, it was important Pronto Xi contained the functionality to scale with the company.

In addition to bricks and mortar growth, Pronto’s ecommerce function, Avenue, enabled Gasweld to streamline and quickly grow its online sales channel. “With our old system, everything had to be manually loaded. If a customer purchased a product online, the system would generate an order, which would then have to be entered for processing. This was very manual and cumbersome.”

“With Avenue, an online sale is seamless to despatch, as the front and backend systems are now fully integrated. We see Pronto Xi as a silent salesperson, reducing our administrative headcount while improving our customer service.

With Pronto Xi, we’re able to sell more, facilitate those sales quickly and the whole process is far more profitable for us.”

Building intelligence

Not long after Gasweld began reaping the benefits of Pronto’s ERP technology, the company began the process of integrating Pronto’s Business Intelligence (BI) functionality that utilises IBM Cognos. This has enabled the company to be more proactive, with monthly reporting of customer, sales and inventory, no longer a strain on resources. Additionally, it also ensured staff are given access to data that enables them to make better decisions.

“In the old days we used to run reports and then someone would digest and pull out the information, then deliver it to senior management. Now, the reports are written and scheduled in such a way that they just automatically turn up in their ready format, sitting on the right person’s table, inbox or smartphone. So there’s a big saving in labour for us.”

“We’re also now providing meaningful data to relevant staff at all levels of the business from retail store level to the warehouse as well as head office. This has made a massive difference to the speed with which we make decisions across the business, while empowering the team.”

“That’s how we’ve utilised Pronto’s BI to the greatest benefit – being more proactive. Rather than having to look for information, it’s delivered to the person that requires it before it’s requested. With Pronto as our partner, we deliver the relevant insights needed to make decisions.”
“There’s also a real time and cost saving benefit. With automated reporting, we can now allocate resources to tasks that actually require human intervention.” Dunning also explains that the BI functionality within Pronto Xi is driving more innovation in the business.

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IT investments, Five tips to future proof yours

With the pace of change in the technology, it can be tricky talking about the concept of future-proofing your IT investment. However, considering a few key areas can help companies protect and maximise the value of their IT investment, particularly in the climate of tight budgets and scarce resources.

1. Getting more value out of your IT system

IT investment - valueAs a starting point, businesses need to know how they currently execute operations and where specific efficiency gains can be made.

For example, most mid-sized businesses invest in ERP systems because of their ability to centralise information and standardise and streamline business processes. ERP systems provide many critical business capabilities, chief of which is the ability to manage financial information, products and inventory processes, human resources planning, and other transactional data all within one environment.

Increasingly, companies that have invested in ERP are realising that the value of their systems can be improved considerably by analysing the data captured within ERP applications. Business intelligence (BI) tools are a key business and IT resource for companies wanting to derive value from that data.

Most companies find it difficult to explore – or ‘mine’ – the data they have, and present it in a way that is meaningful for business planning. A good BI solution provides a clearer view of data, and in turn, a clearer view of the business. Underperforming products can be discontinued, resources can be shifted to more profitable areas of the business and reporting can be accelerated.

As powerful as BI is for delivering immediate insight into business performance, it relies on the level of integration of the BI and ERP systems. Some systems like Pronto Xi come with the ERP data dictionary fully mapped for BI usage, out-of-the-box.

This means that you can start building your reports, dashboards and analytics instantly without having to understand the ERP database structure. This is an enormous time and money saver as the highest cost in a BI implementation is the mapping of the data –usually done by consultants- and the ongoing cost of interfacing two systems with different upgrade cycles.

2. Functionality and flexibility of your IT investment

IT investment - flexibilityA good system must be able to tackle your specific and immediate business needs, as well as any foreseeable future requirements, helping you maximise your competitive advantage and operate your business more efficiently and profitably.

Your IT system should have the flexibility to adapt to your needs. However, on the same vein, try to avoid excessive customisation. Customisation can add complexity and cost, which makes the system more difficult to upgrade.

3. Back up support

IT investment - backupThe vendor’s professional services team should be keen and proactive in providing hands-on support. The IT consultants should work with your team so you are clear about how to get the most out of the system. The vendor should also provide training and help fix the system if things go wrong.

4. Upgrade path – is it really necessary?

IT investment - upgradeBefore you pay for software maintenance, talk to other customers about their experiences in upgrading the product. It’s important to find out whether the vendor provides value for the maintenance charge. Does the new functionality add value to your business? Do you need to enlist an expensive team of consultants to handle the upgrade? Does the vendor have your best interests at heart, or is it just chasing the extra sale regardless of your business requirements?

5. Managed infrastructure

IT investment - managedAn IT system needs to be properly managed and maintained. Some vendors offer hosted or managed services to look after your software and maximise its effectiveness, leaving you to focus on building your business and maintaining a competitive edge.

A hosted solution requires less in-house technical expertise, reduces the cost of managing infrastructure and provides guaranteed levels of security, availability and resilience. It also offers a single point of contact, so you can rest assured any issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

So when thinking future proofing through IT software, find an IT partner that is willing to listen and understand your business.  Most importantly, the vendor should offer an adaptable and flexible solution to help you facilitate the only constant in business and life – change.

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PT Asia Mangan Grup Implementasi ERP Pronto Xi

PT Asia Mangan Grup, anak perusahaan dari Asia Mineral Corporation (AMC), yang mengantongi ijin untuk penambangan dan ekspor mangan dan bijih besi, telah mengimplementasikan Pronto Xi—sebuah solusi enterprise resource planning (ERP) dari Pronto Software, Australia—untuk mengelola proses bisnisnya.

Pada 2014, AMC akan memiliki dan memproduksi penuh, serta mengoperasikan seluruh fasilitas pengolahannya. Untuk mendukung pengelolaan bisnis yang semakin kompleks, manajemen PT Asia Mangan Grup membutuhkan dukungan solusi ERP yang handal. Dan, pilihan jatuh pada solusi ERP Pronto Xi.

“Pemilihan Pronto Xi adalah keputusan yang mudah, karena saya telah menggunakannya di masa lalu ketika masih di Consolidated Minerals dan proyek-proyek lainnya. Pronto Xi adalah solusi yang handal, mudah digunakan dan cepat dalam pemasangannya. Proyek kami hanya akan membutuhkan waktu 4 minggu,” ujar Michael Kiernan, Presiden Direktur PT Asia Mangan.

Pada tahap awal, implementasi Pronto Xi ini dilakukan pada bidang keuangan. Tetapi, selanjutnya akan diperluas ke bagian produksi dan perawatan aset, sejalan dengan bisnis yang ke dalam produksi penuh.

Selama ini, Pronto Xi telah terbukti sebagai solusi ERP untuk pertambangan (mining), yang diimplementasikan di sejumlah perusahaan di negara-negara Australia dan Selandia Baru, Asia Tenggara dan Afrika, dengan sejarah panjang dan track record yang sukses di semua proyeknya.

Kini, solusi Pronto Xi mining telah dilokalisasi agar sesuai dengan pasar Indonesia, dan bekerja dengan dukungan provider lokal, yakni PT Pratesis, untuk memberikan penawaran solusi turn-key secara total. “Melalui solusi PRONTO-Xi ini juga klien bisa memastikan koordinasi dan integrasi dari produknya, arus informasi dan keuangannya. Termasuk mengintegrasikan beberapa modul untuk pengelolaan inventori, order penjualan, order pembelian, perkiraan, dan penyesuaian data produk pada transaksi secara online,” ujar Singgih Tjahjono, Presiden Direktur Pratesis.

Tentang Pronto Software
Pronto Software merupakan provider global sistem ERP terkemuka dari Australia, yang mempunyai pengalaman lebih dari 30 tahun. Saat ini, Pronto Software telah memiliki lebih dari 1200 pelanggan di seluruh dunia. Pronto Software telah dimanfaatkan di 26 negara. Bahkan, Pronto Software telah mempunyai mitra lokal di sejumlah negara. Antara lain, di Singapura, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, dan sejak Juli 2010 di Indonesia dengan Pratesis.