Scylla is a software application designed to handle Distribution Corporation’s management information system, in field of operations and administration. With this application administrative workload will be reduced and whilst have a control over pricing, discount, stock, receivables and good operating costs and efficient. This application software is designed in such a way that can be used by companies in all sizes small or large scale companies. This application provides reporting facility required by the distribution companies, among others is: daily, weekly and monthly reports. These reports includes: sales reports, stock reports, accounts payable reports and analysis reports that usable as a basis for decision making. There are two types of Scylla:


This Enterprise version Scylla software is installed in the central office, primarily used to handle:

Master Data Standardization

The master data can be configured in the head office and then sent to each distributor to put into the Scylla Professional.

Data Consolidation in head office

Where all data obtained from Scylla Professional, used by scattered distributors / branches.


  • Standardizing Distributors/Branches operation
  • Managing Price, Discount & Promotion Policy
  • Managing Distributors/Branches Stock Level
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches Operation and Achievement
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches A/R
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches Performance
scylla software

The Scylla Software Professional installed in each distributor or distribution branch who handles transaction to an outlet.

Multi user

as a client-server base software, this application can be used simultaneously by several users at the same time.

Online Stock Update

all sales and stock mutation activities will be updated directly into the inventory, so the stock position will always be updated.

Unit of Measurement

there are 3 levels of Units of measurement (packaging) per product which user can define specifically for each product item with the conversion of units for each level.

Discount systems

variant of default discount facility available are; volume discount, quantity discount and promotion.

Multi Level Security Access

allows the system administrator to make authorization for each user in accordance with their level of authority.

Data Extraction

this facility is available for data consolidation or data requirements for other applications, the data extraction facility are provided for retrieving needed transaction data.


Master data

contains the master data required by the system to operate properly.

Inventory module

handles the movement / transfer of stocks which occur both for entry and exit of mutations, all transactions will be recorded by the system.

Purchase Order module

handles supplier’s purchasing issues. The process can be done automatically by the system or with manual inputs to the system.

Sales module

used to handle the three ways of sales: Canvassing Sales, Order Taking Sales and Consignment Sales.

Accounts Receivable module

used to handle and monitor customer account receivables.

General Ledger module

this module is the estuary of all transactions that occur on any existing modules, which are inputted from transactions. A journal will be created and processed and then presented in the financial statements.

Cash & Bank module

provided to assist distributor’s needs to monitor financial activities, both in cash and bank

Purchase Order module

used to monitor the distributor debt to suppliers.

Report analysis

this module will compile sales analysis reports according to inputted transaction data.

Consolidation Module

this module is used to view transaction reports (inventory, sales and finance) obtained from Scylla Professional in each branch.


  • Designed for Fast Moving Consumer Good Industry
  • Accommodate Local Business Practice
  • Support Canvassing, Order Taking, Consignment Operations
  • Efficient Route Management
  • Advance Pricing
  • Multiple Promotion Structure
  • User Defined Pricing and Discount Policy
  • Flexible analysis and reporting options
  • Multi warehouse System
  • Support Mobile Computing
  • Integrated system modules eliminates redundant data entry

Scylla Software has been around for more than 15 years. This robust software has been used as backbone system for sales and distribution in major companies, including some big players in FMCG industry. Developed constantly to answer fast changes in sales and distribution sector, also to make this software always relevant in today’s world, Scylla Software has successfully maintain position as a preferred product in the industry. Want to know more? Let’s talk.

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