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Great products “building bridges” between technology and customer orientation, embracing a holistic conception of end-to-end customer experiences.

In terms of product, we always consider four key aspect that are important to client and their business, mobility, dashboarding, integration and robust core system. Pratesis product lineup consist selected core apps that are reliable, practical, can be integrated to other existing systems.

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[vcex_icon_box css_animation=”fadeIn” style=”two” heading=”Mobility” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-mobile” icon_background=”#1796c6″ icon_border_radius=”20%” icon_width=”120px” icon_height=”120px” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_size=”64px”]The number of mobile users today is greater than the number of desktop users. That’s why we consider mobile ability is very important in our software development.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box css_animation=”fadeIn” style=”two” heading=”Dashboarding” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-tachometer” icon_background=”#f89777″ icon_border_radius=”20%” icon_width=”120px” icon_height=”120px” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_size=”64px”]Gives executives, managers and analysts convenient immediate access to key performance metrics, which help them monitor performance and processes for a greater understanding of the business.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box css_animation=”fadeIn” style=”two” heading=”Integration” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-retweet” icon_background=”#00c1e1″ icon_border_radius=”20%” icon_width=”120px” icon_height=”120px” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_size=”64px”]To stay ahead of the game companies need all their systems to work synchronously. Systems that are not integrated result in significant increases in cost and resource consumption.[/vcex_icon_box]
[vcex_icon_box css_animation=”fadeIn” style=”two” heading=”Robust Core System” heading_type=”h2″ icon=”fa fa-cogs” icon_background=”#f0472a” icon_border_radius=”20%” icon_width=”120px” icon_height=”120px” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_size=”64px”]We put serious consideration on a robust core system, that’s are stable to be used in all  condition, fast to implement, cost-effective and flexible enough to be modified to match customers needs.[/vcex_icon_box]
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Scylla is a software application designed to handle Distribution Corporation’s management information system, in field of operations and administration. With this application administrative workload will be reduced and whilst have a control over pricing, discount, stock, receivables and good operating costs and efficient.


Pronto Xi is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software product that comprises of a range of modules that can be integrated collectively or singularly into your business to build an integrated business system to ensure all your operations and business functions are attached to the costs that the business runs off.