Pratesis have a complete IT ecosystem that can tackle every problems in retail, sales, and distribution. We know that our wealth in experience gives us the leverage of providing each product with the utmost excellence, tested with time and experience.

Our services are unparalleled in terms of quality and will only be greater when combined with the other elements from our IT ecosystem. This will ensure that we will provide the best customized solutions for each of our customer.

Save to say, Pratesis has redefine retail, sales and distribution business.


Sustainable Partnership

We take the challenge of sustainability and partnership seriously. The sustainable partnership should be anchored by exciting big ideas and create a vision that others will mobilize behind. The commitment do more than ever is our corporate main goal.

Preferred Technology Partner

It is not only our goal, but our passion, to earn the right to be regarded as your trusted technology partner. Our high levels of knowledge allows us to prove how investing in the correct technology will make your firm more competitive in the marketplace, more efficient in the workplace and more profitable as a company

Customer-Centric Spirit

Customers don’t care about what you say; they care about what you do! We don’t limit our marketing team to handle our customer by department; instead we all are the marketing team, marketing by and for the customers, that’s why we believe in customer-centric spirit.

Line of Services

Sales and Distribution Management

Distribution management is all about getting your product/service to the right people at the right time with special consideration for profit and effectiveness. 

ERP for retail, sales and distribution

We offer a robust ERP solution that excels in areas most relevant to your business, Financial, Distribution, Sales & Marketing as well as Supply Chain Management. 

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is about bringing all information so it is accessible and usable across the enterprise in real-time, with proper security permissions in place. 

Managed Services

Pratesis Managed Services provides this risk-free efficient and effective IT service for your company in terms of: providing infrastructure, both cloud and on-premise, and technical support. 

Support & Services

Pratesis’s Support and Services has been internationally recognized with a track record that has spanned decades.
What really sets Pratesis’s Support and Services team apart is their profound understanding of the local context practice.