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Distribution is not only getting the product to the customer, but also taking other aspects into account.

Distribution seemed like a simple enough procedure, until you get to do it. Our ways and means of Distribution range from standard to intricate, because there are so many elements to be factored in. Different categories of products, multiple discount structures, all sorts of customers and various allocation of products. We can do it all.

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Sales and Distribution Management

Being in a major distribution operation, you have to deal with a lot of things, particularly when you cover an expanded geographical area. Different categories of products. Multiple discount structures. Thousands of customers – large, medium and small. How would you manage all of them? How would you control your inventory levels? How would you improve your company bottom line? We have the answer.

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ERP for retail, sales and distribution

For middle to high level companies in Retail, Sales & Distribution we offer a robust ERP solution that excels in areas most relevant to your business, Financial, Distribution, Sales & Marketing as well as Supply Chain Management, thanks to the outstanding Reporting, Monitoring and Analysis functions. This modern retail business automation solution will revolutionize your operations.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is about bringing all these information together such that it is accessible and usable across the enterprise in real-time, with proper security permissions in place. In essence, it is a comprehensive sensory system for your company.

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Support and Services

Pratesis’s Support and Services has been internationally recognized with a track record that has spanned decades. What really sets Pratesis’s Support and Services team apart is their profound understanding of the local context practices and condition in every area of Indonesia, and what to expect of it.

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Managed Services

Pratesis Managed Services provides this risk-free efficient and effective IT service for your company. With more than 30 years experience on this field, in fact we are the first in Indonesia to IBM and Sun Microsystems products; means we have have the ability to manage all of your corporate IT requirements, in terms of: providing infrastructure, both cloud and on-premise, and technical support.

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