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article / Vides Managed Services : Where Implementation Meets Simplicity for Business Excellence

Vides Managed Services : Where Implementation Meets Simplicity for Business Excellence

Released Date

17 January 2024



How do you build a service desk that can provide easy implementation? At Vides, we've faced this question ourselves and, in response, developed a robust solution. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of effortlessly implementing your DMS applications through Vides-Implementation services, ensuring your DMS is up and running to kickstart your business operations.


The Vides Software Implementation Methodology

  1. Initiation 

The implementation journey begins with a thorough understanding of your business needs. Our experts collaborate with you to define the scope, establish the approach, outline deliverables, set a realistic timeline, and identify crucial milestones.

  1. Solution Design

A comprehensive review of your existing business processes is conducted to identify areas where Vides can bring optimal benefits. Then, we create a blueprint that aligns Vides with your business objectives, ensuring a seamless integration. We also identify the gaps between your current state and the desired future state, our team formulates strategies to bridge these gaps effectively. And of course, we do the testing, and Implementation plan in detail crafted for the deployment of Vides, encompassing rigorous testing and a step-by-step implementation strategy.

  1. Solution Build

Customization and business process adaptation, Vides is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your unique business processes. We provide unit, integration, and system tests. Each stage of the solution build undergoes thorough testing to guarantee a robust and error-free implementation.

  1. Implementation

Our skilled professionals provide comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is proficient in using Vides effectively. A seamless transition is orchestrated from your existing systems to Vides, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth shift. And with go-live, Vides is officially launched will benefit your business to experience the enhanced efficiency and productivity it brings.

  1. Post Implementation

Post Implementation with a detailed review is conducted to assess the effectiveness of Vides implementation, making necessary adjustments if needed. With ongoing support provided, our team is readily available to address any concerns or queries post-implementation.
With Vides, worry less about the complexities, but more about steering your business towards unparalleled success. Our team is ready to navigate you through resource allocation, data migration, and every crucial step. Implementation with Vides isn't just about upgrading; it's about ushering in a new era of efficiency and growth. Connect with us now and let Vides be the catalyst for your business growth.


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