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article / Revealing Vides: Your Comprehensive Service Desk Managed Services Solution

Revealing Vides: Your Comprehensive Service Desk Managed Services Solution

Released Date

22 December 2023



Many claim that providing excellent customer service is crucial to any business's long-term viability and success. Yes, in fact it's essential to the expansion of business. Now that you know this, how can you make sure your company provides superior customer service? Having an effective service desk management system is the key to the solution. Vides is among Indonesia's top service solutions. What is Vides and is it a program that is truly appropriate for all types of businesses?

What is Vides?

Vides is a dynamic force that is changing the service desk solutions; it is more than simply software. Fundamentally, Vides is an all-inclusive solution that offers a smooth fusion of innovation and efficiency, and is made to handle the challenges of customer service. In contrast to traditional systems, Vides goes beyond the ordinary by giving companies an adaptable toolkit to improve customer service overall and handle consumer problems.

The wide-ranging national coverage of Vides is one of its best qualities. Currently, we have 21 service points with 939 distributors, and 64 technical supports. No matter where your company is located, Vides makes sure you can get excellent IT services and support. Because of its nationwide reach, Vides is a great option for businesses who have a large number of branches or a broad operating footprint. 

Vides is proud of its customer-focused strategy and acknowledges that every company has different needs. The platform is designed to meet the unique requirements of users, providing individualized solutions that support their aims and objectives. With regard to service desk solutions, Vides stands out from the competition thanks to its client-focused approach.

What Vides Offers?

  1. Service Desk (IT/Application Support)

Vides specializes in offering thorough IT and application support, making sure that the IT infrastructure and software used by your company is running well.

We provide application support that adheres to the ITIL framework

  • Automating a ticketing process
  • Resolving incidents of various complexity and severity
  • Identifying root causes, suggesting and implementing
  1. Implementation

Any organization's ability to succeed depends on the seamless implementation of IT solutions. Vides makes the process of implementing new applications easier and guarantees that they are successfully incorporated into your current. As a result, there is little interruption and maximum efficiency.

We provide skilled professionals to help you deploy business and software applications.

  • Resource Allocation
  • Data Migration
  • Testing & Quality Assurance (UAT)
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Change Management
  1. IT Training

Maintaining a competitive edge requires keeping your workforce up to date on the newest technological advancements. Vides provides specialized IT training programs that will equip your team with the know-how to make the most out of your IT resources.

We offer training and education to users to help them become more self-sufficient and reduce the need for support.

  • User Manuals and Documentation
  • Hands-On Training
  • Online Tutorials and Videos
  • Certification Programs
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  1. IT Specialist

Vides is aware that not all companies have an internal IT specialist. For this reason, the platform gives you access to a network of exceptionally knowledgeable IT experts who can handle challenging problems, provide tactical direction, and enhance the success of your project as a whole.

We provide skilled professionals for your IT personnel requirements such as:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Tester & Quality Assurance

To sum up, Vides is a game-changer when it comes to service desk solutions. Vides is brand that companies turn to when they need a dependable and adaptable IT support partner because of its extensive service offering, customer-centric methodology, and availability of IT professionals. It also offers application support, implementation, training, and nationwide coverage. Experience a new level of productivity and efficiency when you upgrade your Application Systems with Vides from Pratesis.


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