Pronto Software wins Australian Business Awards for Software Innovation

16 August 2017, Melbourne: Australian technology company, Pronto Software has been recognized in The Australian Business Awards 2017 as an ABA100 winner for Software Innovation. The category acknowledges organizations that implement and demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

A multi-winner of the Australian Business Awards program since 2011, innovation is part of Pronto Software’s DNA.

Chad Gates, Managing Director at Pronto Software, said: “It is with great pleasure that we accept the 2017 ABA100 Award for Software Innovation, in recognition of our vertically-integrated ERP and BI solution, Pronto Xi.

“Pronto Xi distinguishes itself as an industry leading business management software solution through its strong Australian heritage, innovative technology and extensive user base. We’re a mid-market business exporting our product all over the world, and we’re honored to help other Australian businesses do the same. Our sharp focus on R&D has seen investment in bold initiatives to move ahead of the times and provide solutions that solve tomorrow’s problems,” continued Mr Gates.

“Pronto Xi empowers staff at any level to make better decisions and helps steer company growth, allowing businesses to get the most out of its operational data. It is designed to allow mid-sized businesses to better compete, especially against large multinational companies through the use of ERP, data analytics and mobile in a unified and integrated solution,” said Mr Gates.

Australian Business Awards Program Director, Ms Tara Johnston, said: “Today, companies are facing a competitive and continuously changing business landscape. In this context, the performance of companies depends more than ever on their flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness. New technological possibilities have the potential to transform the way companies operate within their respective industries with long-term gains in efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty.

“Each year the ABA100 Winners are recognized for their commitment to business and product innovation and for their achievements in transforming business practices and end user experiences.

“The Australian Business Awards are proud to acknowledge the role of these leading corporate, government and non-government organizations for implementing innovative, well-managed high-performing business initiatives and for the research and development of their innovative products and services,” Ms Johnston added.

The Australian Business Awards program provides notable opportunities for high-performing organisations, which implement world-class business initiatives and develop innovative products and services to be acknowledged and honored for their achievements both nationally and internationally.

The World Business Awards Framework (WBA Framework) is utilized as a structured model of assessment that enables the participating organizations to be benchmarked against world-class performance standards.

Organizational participation includes private companies, publicly listed companies, multi-national subsidiaries, non-government organizations, educational institutions, franchise systems, partnerships, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in Australia.

Tailor-made business software solutions

Pronto Software has been developing award-winning business management software for 40 years. With in-built intelligence, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, its flagship product, Pronto Xi, enables users to discover rich business insights.

Pronto believes in the power of actively listening to clients, adapting our product to meet their needs and finally revealing the best solution. It’s how we continually surpass client expectations, delivering moments of utter surprise and delight.

Pratesis has been Pronto’s long time business partner in Indonesia. The collaboration has been fulfilling, supporting companies throughout Indonesia to grow stronger and smarter by increasing visibility on their end-to-end processes and improve performance, efficiency and productivity.