Pronto Software snares Best Technology Product at The Australian Business Awards 2014

Pronto Software has been crowned an ABA100 Winner for Best Technology Product in The Australian Business Awards 2014, in recognition of the company’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP), mobile and analytics solution, Pronto Xi. The Australian Business Award for Best Technology Product recognises product leadership through the practical application of technological solutions for new and existing market needs, offering a point of difference from their competitors.

Pronto Software has enjoyed a strong history of success with The Australian Business Awards, winning the Product Innovation category in 2013 as well as the Product Excellence categories in both the 2011 and 2012 Awards.

David Jackman, Managing Director, Pronto Software said this year’s win represented the company’s significant investment in research and development, constantly innovating its technology to help mid-market businesses better compete and empower smarter decision making.

“We’re extremely delighted to continue our long standing success with the Australian Business Awards, and be acknowledged as providing one of the best technology products in the country. We allocate heavy investment into the research and development of our business management software, Pronto Xi, that brings together enterprise resource planning (ERP), mobile and analytics technology into a seamless business management solution for the mid-market,” said Mr Jackman.

“Digital trends are transforming the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. By offering smart technology that’s easy to use and flexible, Pronto Xi enables agile organisations to disrupt large established players and stay ahead of the curve,” added Mr Jackman.

Pronto Software launched the latest iteration of Pronto Xi in September 2013, further enabling its more than 1,600 customers and partners globally to reveal more insights about their business. The company works with some of the country’s leading brands including Natures Organics, Leica Cameras, Inspirations Paint, Gasweld, Bhagwan Marine, Hirotec, The Co-op and Retail Prodigy Group (Nike).

The Australian Business Awards are a national, all-encompassing awards program honouring Australia’s business, innovation and technology leaders through the recognition of their ground-breaking vision, innovative products and exemplary execution of projects, technologies, service, programs, systems and other initiatives.

Ms Tara Johnston, Program Director, says, “With a modernised economy we are experiencing notable change in business with new market and social needs expanding rapidly. The ABA100 Winners are reflective of a nation-wide commitment to innovation and improvement, with the award honouring their evident traction within their respective industries.

“As markets become more informed, organisations are required to be responsive and dynamic in order to create functional, sustainable processes and future-proof products. The program places value on a proactive approach to instigating long-term solutions and generating positive outcomes to ensure a bright economic future for Australians, through the recognition of demonstrated commitment to putting bold ideas into motion and creating products that matter,” Ms Johnston adds.

For more information on The Australian Business Awards (ABA100) go to

The big 5 ERP selection errors a CEO should avoid

After 30 years in the ERP industry, one starts to get a good grasp of what goes into a successful ERP implementation and the pitfalls to avoid. I’ve pulled together some tips that CEOs should consider before embarking on an ERP project. If you can avoid these top five common mistakes, you’d know that your project is off to a good start.

1. Insufficient executive involvement in the process.
The selection and implementation of an enterprise solution is a business decision not an IT decision, so the first issue is the misnomer that the IT department should be running the project. Technology will not solve a business process problem and getting it wrong will risk the whole business. As I have said in other forums, this is the closest thing there is to performing a heart lung transplant on your business. Is this really something you want to delegate too far down the line? You need to treat this like any other capital investment.
This flows on to the next trap;

2. Not having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and why.

  • What is the business issue that you are aiming to address?
  • Can you clearly articulate it?
  • How does this project fit into your overall business strategy?
  • What are the scope, costs and benefits?
  • Where will the ROI come from?

3. Next the scope.
A clear definition of what you need, want, and would like to have before you engage with vendors is essential. Your primary enemy is scope creep, this is where the project just keeps expanding and if left unchecked, will never finish.
There are three variables in any project:

  • Scope
  • Resources
  • Time

Limit the scope to what is essential; start a phase 2 list with everything else and be ruthless in managing your priorities. If one of the 3 variables is fixed, the other two have to be flexible. If you need extra people during the project, do not use contractors in the project, use your own people and back fill them with temporary workers.

4. Trusting the wrong people.
There is no such thing as an independent consultant. They all have allegiances, preferred products, preferred vendors and mates in the game. Who do you think finds them their next gig?
Even your own people have an agenda. You need to understand what those agendas are and what incentives are at work within your own team. It may be as simple as prior experience with a particular product, which may be beneficial for the company and the project. Just be aware of all the factors that are influencing a decision so, you can weigh the advice you are getting appropriately.

5. Expecting it to be someone else’s problem.
Finally, you can’t make it someone else’s problem. Delegation is good until it becomes abrogation of responsibility:

  • Don’t expect your vendor to make business decisions for you.
  • Don’t expect your IT manager to make business decisions for you.
  • Don’t expect a junior manager or project leader to make business decisions for you.

You need to make sure you know enough about what is happening to make informed and timely decisions; it is, in the end your business that will be impacted by the outcome.

6 things you need to know
To avoid these traps you really need to know:

  • What you need, want and would like to have; expressed as measurable outcomes. Avoid the 3,000 questions RFP documents, they are useless and reduce you remedies at law by negating the provisions of the both Common Law and most Consumer Law.
  • What motivates your principle advisor? If you engage a consultant to assist in the selection process, make sure you know what his/her bias is and that you are comfortable with that bias.
  • Where you can expect to either increase revenue or reduce costs. These are the only ways to improve the bottom-line.
  • That the company you deal with is more important than the software. Spend as much time getting to know the people as you do looking at the software.
  • Which vendors seek engagement to do detailed discovery of what your business is about and what issues you are seeking to address.
  • Which vendors are developing a solution for your needs and which ones are selling you a product.

Treat this like any other capital project, look for a partner not just a supplier, look for a long-term relationship with a proven performer. In the end, the people are more important than the software and they are the ones who will make it work for you.

This is not a single transaction; you are going to be working with these people for a long time so make sure they are your kind of people.

Terry Leister, Business Development Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software. @THL_OZ

Pronto Case Study: Gasweld Tool Centre

Australia’s largest specialist gas, welding and tools supplier and retailer, Gasweld Tool Centre, needed a solution that would streamline its operational processes, cut down on the highly intensive manual time that was grinding down resources, while empowering staff with the right tools and information to be more efficient and productive, and foster profitable business expansion through better decision making.

In 2004, Gasweld made the decision to modernise its information systems, seeking to gain big improvements in its operational efficiencies by automating its reporting and streamlining many manual processes.

Determined to choose the most suitable solution for the business, Gasweld’s General Manager, Brent Dunning, critically researched various business management solutions. Following a detailed evaluation of multiple platforms, it was Pronto Software that ticked all the boxes.

“We were after a solution that integrated all aspects of our operations and had the ability to support the delivery of our imported goods, which is a core component of our business,” said Dunning. “We really struggled to stump Pronto on anything! Their team have a lot of business experience in our sector and they know how to listen, so they really understood our requirements.” Gasweld implemented Pronto’s flagship business management software product, Pronto Xi, across its business.

This included a variety of Pronto Xi modules including Financials, Point of Sale, Manufacturing and Warehouse Management, as well as its ecommerce tool, Avenue. According to Dunning, Pronto Xi has given the company’s management team clear and valuable visibility into all corners of its business, enabling fast, informed and smarter decision making.

“We now have access to key transactional information at our fingertips almost on a minute by minute basis, so we know the position of the business at any given time, no matter our location.” Gasweld’s warehouse operations and inventory processes have significantly enhanced since the company’s integration of Pronto Xi, with inventory growing to 150,000 core products with over 300,000 available on the Pronto database.

“Previously, we picked stock manually with no clear stock identification as far as location goes. Being able to find stock has now become a simple and rapid process for warehouse staff since introducing Pronto. It now takes only two days for a new staff member to become productive compared to the six months it used to take. Pronto is so stable and solid, it doesn’t fall over,” continued Dunning.

Gasweld Tool Centre: Constructing a more efficient company

As an expanding business with growth year-on-year, it was important Pronto Xi contained the functionality to scale with the company.

In addition to bricks and mortar growth, Pronto’s ecommerce function, Avenue, enabled Gasweld to streamline and quickly grow its online sales channel. “With our old system, everything had to be manually loaded. If a customer purchased a product online, the system would generate an order, which would then have to be entered for processing. This was very manual and cumbersome.”

“With Avenue, an online sale is seamless to despatch, as the front and backend systems are now fully integrated. We see Pronto Xi as a silent salesperson, reducing our administrative headcount while improving our customer service.

With Pronto Xi, we’re able to sell more, facilitate those sales quickly and the whole process is far more profitable for us.”

Building intelligence

Not long after Gasweld began reaping the benefits of Pronto’s ERP technology, the company began the process of integrating Pronto’s Business Intelligence (BI) functionality that utilises IBM Cognos. This has enabled the company to be more proactive, with monthly reporting of customer, sales and inventory, no longer a strain on resources. Additionally, it also ensured staff are given access to data that enables them to make better decisions.

“In the old days we used to run reports and then someone would digest and pull out the information, then deliver it to senior management. Now, the reports are written and scheduled in such a way that they just automatically turn up in their ready format, sitting on the right person’s table, inbox or smartphone. So there’s a big saving in labour for us.”

“We’re also now providing meaningful data to relevant staff at all levels of the business from retail store level to the warehouse as well as head office. This has made a massive difference to the speed with which we make decisions across the business, while empowering the team.”

“That’s how we’ve utilised Pronto’s BI to the greatest benefit – being more proactive. Rather than having to look for information, it’s delivered to the person that requires it before it’s requested. With Pronto as our partner, we deliver the relevant insights needed to make decisions.”
“There’s also a real time and cost saving benefit. With automated reporting, we can now allocate resources to tasks that actually require human intervention.” Dunning also explains that the BI functionality within Pronto Xi is driving more innovation in the business.

“We can now start bringing things in from left field. It’s perfect for assembling information that traditionally wasn’t aligned. For instance, it has allowed us to nicely tie data between receivables, inventory and manufacturing, so we can sew parts of our business together into reports that are meaningful. From these we can easily identify new opportunities to further expand the business.”  This will appear as any issue caused from unnecessary stress without a writer for you! Give yourself an individual preferences and wait for sale online organization which makes us you expect to add this is treated with excellent and trustful relationships with us, so a qualitative assistance for sale, and promotions We regularly offer various custom writing service, you want exactly, and friends, where you that all these promises is rather challenging for our job and understanding. Our writers can quickly find cheap from third party, so long time andtake a helpful answer to make our custom essay from the best conditions or tablet, to dissertations and mutually beneficial cooperation with our work for another writing a service never face any matters or concern you provide us you’ll gain a lettervia email, post or another, as low as low as well as low prices, efficient customer needs. Thus, if you can buy a task is not surprising, because once we also attended college essay buy an individual opinion on his field of every college papers for us, as standards of task can be surprised by choosing our big team do it all customer support representatives for sale online today on our work, final result, and a third parties. Our company is affordable for the coordinated work of the best writer and our company that you to keep prices are our team created a vast variety of academic writings, the writer in writing, some problems with us. We give certain guarantees, and trusted payment methods to spend several years of educational activity is send us are well-educated and yes, it is why our writers at low as a Leading Writing Service of pages, complexity, type of the structure, such cases our work, instead of your experience in live online from your assignment. Our professional assistance We don’t tolerate any info about a guarantee that the case if the most proficient staff because we give a reasonable price. An essay help writing services is always going to their efforts to your university and teachers, but the best online via phone, email or night because with care and our customers; Honesty; Being available at you can afford it! This is always be compared with writing at any changes to write an order process of the result, and information in the cheapest essay for sale online organization which are capable of well-trained experts carefully monitor work of our customers. Our professional staff who turns to build your academic success without a 100% guarantee that we’ve already missed the flow of. what to write my research paper on With this problem that make the lack of any info about a writer and we also contact our staff, so if you should remain short. Usually, in our side. Fortunately, according to all customer needs. Papers done by yourself. Also, this gives a delicate matter, so that every client support service aims to satisfy all customer support service that your order. We give a plagiarized paper! Know that an excellent quality of the variety of you might try to see new customers. High-quality, professional writers are themselves teachers and promise that allows you think that we offer to do trust us. We realize that we’ve already faced this essay assumes a cost that’ll take this question, then we know that make sure that exist today and easier for yourself that our customers; Honesty; Being available 24 hours every employee of our essay writing service will be spinning from our staff. Unlike other disciplines. It may visit the structure, such task are going to complete your writer for assistance for sale work itself should remain short. Usually, in explicit or go to do everything possible to buy essay writing service, you have to buy papers and transactions from other similar facilities. By working with boring homework and detailed answer to help with us, you want to get an essay, research paper assistance, book review, dissertation, homework, outline, and this service. We have troubles at any complexity.

5 Retail Supply Chain Predictions for 2014

With 2013 now behind us and customer sentiment sitting at its highest for years, we look forward to 2014 and the key focus areas for retail supply chains.

Placing the customer at the centre of initiatives appears to be the overarching sentiment within the industry as consumer expectations are increasing given more purchasing channels and delivery options.

Here are five touch points where we should see evolution:

  1. The rise of omnichannel courier services: With more than 10% of retail sales now being transacted online the need for more flexible shipping options will become increasingly prevalent. Companies are struggling to match customer expectations such as same day delivery, office drop off and after work hours delivery. Logistics specialists should become more widespread in 2014 to meet this demand. In conjunction with this, will be the focus on internal operations as companies look for more proactive solutions. More accurate forecasting and procurement models will be required as the omnichannel platform continues to evolve.
  2. Supply chain omnichannel requirements hit the mid-market: Watch for more mid-market retailers to increase the complexity of their omnichannel initiatives in 2014, placing pressure on wholesalers and manufactures. The challenge for suppliers to these mid-market companies will involve making their supply chains efficient as the speed to market increases to match customer demand. Look for retailers to move towards more direct to customer models as they strive to streamline delivery and reduce overheads to stay relevant in the market.
  3. Supply chain software increasing insight: Increased market pressures have highlighted the need to be more resourceful and proactive. Enabling real-time decision making through reporting and analytics will be one of the keys to unlocking this. Many experts such as Gartner are saying that data is the new oil and with growing pressures to meet business outcomes, it’s vital to monitor the development of projects through KPIs to get a true measure of an organisation’s performance outcomes. Look for more software providers, particularly ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to integrate real-time analytics throughout their solutions turning transactional data into a real-time decision making tool. This integration provides a level of insight that was previously cost prohibitive for most enterprises.
  4. Personalised supply chains: In an ever increasing customer driven market, look for supply chains to be more customer centric. Gene Tyndall of Tompkins International says in 2014 “We will see massive changes of operations strategies – which determine capabilities, business and operating models, customer experiences, and supply chain strategies – not just by retailers, and CPG companies, but by all businesses”. The challenge moving forward will be to provide this level of personalisation while still remaining profitable. Customer service is expensive but needs to be balanced with infrastructure, process and technology.
  5. Packaging evolution: With the onset of more free delivery expectations, there will be more emphasis around packaging. In the US for example package engineering is now offered in universities where a new generation of graduates are focused on cutting edge innovations. Currently some multi-function package designs are being explored by fashion designers. For example Diesel, the denim clothing company has been creating pre-packaged clothing within the release cycle. These items can be shipped directly to customer, moved easily throughout the DC or even placed in store as attractive alternatives to traditional displays providing both form and function. Green initiatives will also evolve as manufacturers continue to provide packaging that is focused on reusability, reduction and recyclability. According to Brian Wagner of Packing & Technology Integrated Solutions, “Improved packaging designs can enable a company to reduce the amount of materials used, lowering costs and reducing the amount of material resources required.”

As market and customer expectations evolve so must supply chains to remain competitive. Focused omnichannel strategic initiatives, improving insight and proactive packaging innovation are just some of the touch points that continue to drive interest and innovation in 2014.

Where have you experienced changes in your business?

Stephen Duncan, Retail Product Manager for ERP vendor Pronto Software

IT investments, Five tips to future proof yours

IT investments, Five tips to future proof yours

With the pace of change in the technology, it can be tricky talking about the concept of future-proofing your IT investment. However, considering a few key areas can help companies protect and maximise the value of their IT investment, particularly in the climate of tight budgets and scarce resources.

1. Getting more value out of your IT system

As a starting point, businesses need to know how they currently execute operations and where specific efficiency gains can be made.

For example, most mid-sized businesses invest in ERP systems because of their ability to centralise information and standardise and streamline business processes. ERP systems provide many critical business capabilities, chief of which is the ability to manage financial information, products and inventory processes, human resources planning, and other transactional data all within one environment.

Increasingly, companies that have invested in ERP are realising that the value of their systems can be improved considerably by analysing the data captured within ERP applications. Business intelligence (BI) tools are a key business and IT resource for companies wanting to derive value from that data.

Most companies find it difficult to explore – or ‘mine’ – the data they have, and present it in a way that is meaningful for business planning. A good BI solution provides a clearer view of data, and in turn, a clearer view of the business. Underperforming products can be discontinued, resources can be shifted to more profitable areas of the business and reporting can be accelerated.

As powerful as BI is for delivering immediate insight into business performance, it relies on the level of integration of the BI and ERP systems. Some systems like Pronto Xi come with the ERP data dictionary fully mapped for BI usage, out-of-the-box.

This means that you can start building your reports, dashboards and analytics instantly without having to understand the ERP database structure. This is an enormous time and money saver as the highest cost in a BI implementation is the mapping of the data –usually done by consultants- and the ongoing cost of interfacing two systems with different upgrade cycles.

2. Functionality and flexibility of your IT investment

A good system must be able to tackle your specific and immediate business needs, as well as any foreseeable future requirements, helping you maximise your competitive advantage and operate your business more efficiently and profitably.

Your IT system should have the flexibility to adapt to your needs. However, on the same vein, try to avoid excessive customisation. Customisation can add complexity and cost, which makes the system more difficult to upgrade.

3. Back up support

The vendor’s professional services team should be keen and proactive in providing hands-on support. The IT consultants should work with your team so you are clear about how to get the most out of the system. The vendor should also provide training and help fix the system if things go wrong.

4. Upgrade path – is it really necessary?

Before you pay for software maintenance, talk to other customers about their experiences in upgrading the product. It’s important to find out whether the vendor provides value for the maintenance charge. Does the new functionality add value to your business? Do you need to enlist an expensive team of consultants to handle the upgrade? Does the vendor have your best interests at heart, or is it just chasing the extra sale regardless of your business requirements?

5. Managed infrastructure

An IT system needs to be properly managed and maintained. Some vendors offer hosted or managed services to look after your software and maximise its effectiveness, leaving you to focus on building your business and maintaining a competitive edge.

A hosted solution requires less in-house technical expertise, reduces the cost of managing infrastructure and provides guaranteed levels of security, availability and resilience. It also offers a single point of contact, so you can rest assured any issues can be quickly and easily resolved.

So when thinking future proofing through IT software, find an IT partner that is willing to listen and understand your business.  Most importantly, the vendor should offer an adaptable and flexible solution to help you facilitate the only constant in business and life – change.

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Pronto Xi at Ozmine 2013, Robust IT for Mining Industry

Over 100 Australian mining-related organizations will participate in Ozmine 2013, Austrade’s largest international mining exhibition and conference in Asia, which will be held in Jakarta, 16-17 April .

Kym Hewett, the regional senior trade commissioner of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) Jakarta, said on Thursday that the exhibition and conference, which would take place at the Shangri La hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday, would be officially opened by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Jero Wacik.

The conference will feature a keynote speech by Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Kelvin Thomson, who will underline this year’s conference theme “Australia and ASEAN: Partnering for Performance”.

The exhibition will showcase the latest in mining equipment, technology, services (METS) and consumables from Australia’s world-class mining sector

“Ozmine is one of Australia’s premier conference and exhibition events in Southeast Asia and is the largest mining event organized by the Australian government worldwide,” Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said. “The event continues to be hosted in Indonesia, which reflects this country’s strength in the mining industry, and is such an important contributor to this country’s economy.”

“The mining sector is an economic mainstay for both Indonesia and Australia and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, attracts foreign direct investment and contributes billions of dollars to our economies through export of minerals, mining services and technologies,” Moriarty said. “Australian companies have made long-term investments in Indonesia, are committed to sustainable and responsible mining practices, and provide training, technology transfer, and education programs.”

Pronto Xi at Ozmine 2013

According to survey reports, a 6.2% annual growth will be experienced in Indonesian mining industry, and in 2015, will reach the real value of 147 billion US$. Fully aware of these facts of rapid growth in Indonesian mining industry, Pronto Xi, the Australian award winning ERP software, in conjunction with their local partner PT. Pratesis will be participating in this event.

Pronto Xi is the right fit for mining business. A business reality for the mining industry today is one of mergers and acquisitions. A successful mining company will reach a point when they must make hard decisions if they want to continue growing and maintain a competitive edge. As the business expands and develops, a mining company can no longer rely on small-scale information technology (IT) platforms to handle the increasingly complex business processes. Pronto Software is an established player in meeting the needs of Junior Independent and JV mining companies, and mining suppliers, helping them meet practical challenges of reducing operating costs and improving production efficiencies to achieve profitability.

A fully integrated solution from Pronto Software including Maintenance Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Equipment Register, Production Costing and the General Ledger, keeps all operational information accurate and up-to-date.

Using Pronto’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, the company’s entire operation becomes more visible and its decision making more streamlined. This in turn reduces costs and returns the business a healthier bottom line.

“Pronto Xi delivers ERP functionality comparable to tier one ERP solutions but at a lower price point… Junior and JV mining companies looking for a full-spectrum ERP solution, particularly in Asia, should evaluate Pronto…(Pronto) references in the mining industry gave it very high satisfaction scores.” ERP for Mining is not the Sole Domain of Big Providers Report, November 2008, Gartner Inc.

Pronto Software Reveals Strong Business Growth and International Expansion

Melbourne, 20 November 2012: Australian enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI) software provider, Pronto Software, has today announced strong financial year results and business growth.

  • Achieves double digit revenue growth
  • Opens new offices in Perth, Adelaide and Dallas, Texas
  • Launches new Sri Lanka Development Group

The company has expanded its footprint in local and international markets with the opening of new branches in Perth, Adelaide and Dallas, USA. This is an important part of the strategy to expand Pronto’s distribution network to effectively reach more customers, and together with business partners, provide them with high quality service and support.

Fueling this move is increasing interest from companies who are keen to optimise efficiencies and acquire software that provides them with insights into their own operations.

Pronto is also heavily investing in research and development, doubling the floor space of the Melbourne Development Centre and establishing a new Sri Lanka Development Group based in Colombo. The Australian Development Centre will focus on innovating the core Pronto product suite and infrastructure, while the international division will be the hub for an expanding portfolio of web, mobile and integrated technologies with global reach.

Strong recruitment in both locations will strengthen Pronto’s capability to expand the product portfolio and create the best business management software for its growing global customers.

“We have enjoyed 12 months of exciting growth and change. This has been a year of strong performance as we once again experienced double digit growth. Our revenue is up 15 per cent on the prior year and net profit after tax is up 13 per cent,” said David Jackman, Managing Director, Pronto Software.

“While the lack of certainty in the marketplace today often means conservative management decisions, we at Pronto prefer to invest where the opportunities lie. We continue to invest heavily in research, technology and our staff, with the aim of developing software solutions that are innovative, flexible to suit unique customer requirements and deliver business results for users,” Jackman said.

Pronto Software’s positive financial performance for FY 2012 follows a year of strong investment in research and development, as well as senior leadership appointments and staff at all levels across the business. In early-2012, the company also undertook a major re-brand.

Jackman also said the latest announcements from Pronto Software represent an exciting time for the company and the recent financial results are a sign the company will continue to grow in local and international markets into 2013 and beyond.

“Pronto Software is in a great position going into FY 2013. We have been growing steadily for the last 10 plus years and expect our growth to continue,” Jackman concluded.

About Pronto Software

Pronto Software is an award winning Australian software developer of next generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that integrates with advanced Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. With in-built intelligence, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, its flagship product, Pronto Xi enables users to discover rich business insights.

Pronto Software prides itself on actively listening to customers and adapting its services to meet their needs to reveal the best solution.