Pronto Xi at Ozmine 2013, Robust IT for Mining Industry

Over 100 Australian mining-related organizations will participate in Ozmine 2013, Austrade’s largest international mining exhibition and conference in Asia, which will be held in Jakarta, 16-17 April .

Kym Hewett, the regional senior trade commissioner of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) Jakarta, said on Thursday that the exhibition and conference, which would take place at the Shangri La hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday, would be officially opened by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Jero Wacik.

The conference will feature a keynote speech by Australia’s Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Kelvin Thomson, who will underline this year’s conference theme “Australia and ASEAN: Partnering for Performance”.

The exhibition will showcase the latest in mining equipment, technology, services (METS) and consumables from Australia’s world-class mining sector

“Ozmine is one of Australia’s premier conference and exhibition events in Southeast Asia and is the largest mining event organized by the Australian government worldwide,” Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said. “The event continues to be hosted in Indonesia, which reflects this country’s strength in the mining industry, and is such an important contributor to this country’s economy.”

“The mining sector is an economic mainstay for both Indonesia and Australia and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, attracts foreign direct investment and contributes billions of dollars to our economies through export of minerals, mining services and technologies,” Moriarty said. “Australian companies have made long-term investments in Indonesia, are committed to sustainable and responsible mining practices, and provide training, technology transfer, and education programs.”

Pronto Xi at Ozmine 2013

According to survey reports, a 6.2% annual growth will be experienced in Indonesian mining industry, and in 2015, will reach the real value of 147 billion US$. Fully aware of these facts of rapid growth in Indonesian mining industry, Pronto Xi, the Australian award winning ERP software, in conjunction with their local partner PT. Pratesis will be participating in this event.

Pronto Xi is the right fit for mining business. A business reality for the mining industry today is one of mergers and acquisitions. A successful mining company will reach a point when they must make hard decisions if they want to continue growing and maintain a competitive edge. As the business expands and develops, a mining company can no longer rely on small-scale information technology (IT) platforms to handle the increasingly complex business processes. Pronto Software is an established player in meeting the needs of Junior Independent and JV mining companies, and mining suppliers, helping them meet practical challenges of reducing operating costs and improving production efficiencies to achieve profitability.

A fully integrated solution from Pronto Software including Maintenance Management, Purchasing, Inventory, Equipment Register, Production Costing and the General Ledger, keeps all operational information accurate and up-to-date.

Using Pronto’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, the company’s entire operation becomes more visible and its decision making more streamlined. This in turn reduces costs and returns the business a healthier bottom line.

“Pronto Xi delivers ERP functionality comparable to tier one ERP solutions but at a lower price point… Junior and JV mining companies looking for a full-spectrum ERP solution, particularly in Asia, should evaluate Pronto…(Pronto) references in the mining industry gave it very high satisfaction scores.” ERP for Mining is not the Sole Domain of Big Providers Report, November 2008, Gartner Inc.